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Based out of Galway, AnamAire is a non-profit partnership of individuals, psychotherapists, counsellors, trainers and group facilitators who serve local communities in the western region of Ireland through the provision of low-cost personal development and emotional support services.

The name "AnamAire" is derived from the Irish words for "soul" (anam) and "care" (aire).

Supporting the community is facilitated using both a direct and indirect approach. In the direct approach, AnamAire serves those individuals (both adults and young adults aged 14 and upwards) who wish to seek some additional support in their lives through the provision of the following ongoing services:

   one-to-one counselling   •   psychotherapy   •   biodynamic massage   •   group therapy

The indirect approach is managed through working an effective campaign of collaboration with existing agencies to reach out into the community and provide support in whatever manner is deemed most appropriate for the target group or individual. At the same time, AnamAire recognises how many individuals who work or volunteer for agencies within the community and voluntary sector are themselves often in need of support in their roles and therefore external staff supervision and/or counselling support is offered for such individuals at a negotiated discount rate.